eBay is trying hard to become Amazon by introducing Managed Payments and Managed Delivery - but eBay isn't Amazon. eBay will never be Amazon. eBay has allowed incredible flexibility to facilitate commerce - allowing local pickups and even cash payments - which has provided incredible value to both buyers and sellers.

But all good things come to an end. I'm celebrating the fun I had and looking forward to what comes next.

Soon you will be able to purchase parts directly on my website. Here's a brief summary of the what's coming:

Parts will no longer be sold exclusively in "packs".

While some parts will still have an incremental purchase requirement, this change will result in an experience in line with competitors such as Tayda and Digikey.

Bigger selection.

eBay charges an insertion fee for each unique listing which is charged every 30 days as the listing renews. Without having to pay this fee, I can stock an increased selection of parts - and especially an increased selection of "slow moving" parts.

Lower Prices in exchange for "free" shipping.

eBay prioritizes sellers who offer "Fast and Free" shipping even though shipping is never really free. By charging a reasonable shipping fee, I can lower prices on the parts. This will result in individuals and companies who buy in quantities seeing long term savings.

Overall, this is an exciting time and definitely worthy of a party.