Component FAQ

Do you have datasheets for the components you sell?

I can provide datasheets for nearly every component I sell upon request.

Trust F.A.Q.

What is your return policy?

Generally all sales are final.

If you received a DOA or incorrect part, please contact me so I can provide replacements or a refund.

If a part does not meet your expectations, please still let me know. Most likely I will not be able to provide a refund but I still appreciate feedback. I like selling useful, quality parts and your feedback is important.

What is your counterfeit policy?

Nearly all the active components I sell are purchased through authorized dealers or dealers which use a chain of custody. A small minority of the parts I sell are purchased through the open market. Any open market parts I sell are tested to ensure their function and are checked for remarking and retinning.

I take great pride in the components I sell and I refuse to sell counterfeit electronics. If you suspect you have received counterfeit parts please call me at (585)-672-7805 or email me, so I can quarantine remaining stock and begin an investigation.

eBay Purchase F.A.Q.

I use a freight forwarder for international purchases. Why was my order cancelled?

Most items with free shipping use a shipping method which cannot deliver goods to most freight forwarders.

I simply do not have the means to keep track of the many hundreds of freight forwarders and their policies. My experience has been that the fastest way to to provide a refund is to cancel an order before it is shipped.

If you use a freight forwarder, please select USPS First Class Package for shipping. The USPS First Class Package service can deliver goods to freight forwarders. You can also contact me before purchase to arrange shipping.